About Us



SchoolSites offers unparalleled ease of use that puts the power of the web into the hands of the user. Utilizing advanced tools that require no technical knowledge of programming, you can create a website that defines and communicates institutional values, beliefs, and teaching principles. Standard features provide the foundation that supports open communication and collaboration among all those vested in the learning process.


Translating your brand image into a meaningful Web presence has never been easier. SchoolSites offers a vast library of customizable design templates that enable you to create a distinctive look and feel. And for those that require a one-of-a-kind website, our creative design team is ready to exceed your expectations.



We have been bringing technology solutions to educators across the country since 1989. Our web services group has launched hundreds of thousands of websites for schools, districts and classrooms since opening in 1997.  

SchoolSites is continuously enhanced to cultivate quality in learning environments. Our developers remain on the leading edge of technology to ensure that our products evolve with you. By nurturing the growth of SchoolSites within your community, everyone can learn, dream, and grow with passion, confidence, and enthusiasm.




Go ahead - experience the future of educational website technology. Inspiration. Students learn with it. Parents take comfort in it. Teachers inspire through it. Now, you can deliver it.