So Why SchoolSites?


It’s Everything You Are And Everyone You Serve. 


Imagine being able to create a fully-interactive website with dramatic imagery, extensive calendars, form creation, online data management, on-demand video and audio and athletics scheduling. And what if you learned that the control is in your hands, for the benefit of the entire community? The possibilities are endless and the rewards are generous – engaging everyone with the full spectrum of your communications has never been this easy, rewarding, and fun.



It’s Simply Easy. 


The SchoolSites Content Management System is simple yet robust so that site content, look and feel, images, and more can be updated in seconds. Our fast and efficient user interface helps your staff collaborate to manage complex tasks in a productive online environment. From easy file-sharing functionality to extensive communication and messaging tools, SchoolSites helps get everyone involved in building and maintaining your most important technology investment. 



It’s Your School’s Pride. 


Using SchoolSites, your district or school can showcase its character, spirit, and energy while maintaining a consistent look and feel —helping to infuse the community with the level of pride and ownership needed to build a healthy, growing learning environment. You can choose from an expansive library of design templates or take advantage of our custom design services to help clearly convey your precise vision of excellence.

It’s Expandable. 


SchoolSites’ unlimited page creation capabilities meet the growing needs of the smallest school or the largest district. We can bundle in our award-winning TeacherSites to help your entire teaching staff open the window to their classroom environment. We can even plug in custom built add on modules specific for your districts needs and workflows.



It’s Reliable Technology.


SchoolSites is available anywhere there is an Internet connection. Authorized users gain the convenience of on-demand website management, while community members are able to interact in a safe online environment. System updates, technology upgrades, feature enhancements, and back-end maintenance are implemented seamlessly. That’s because we offer secure website hosting from our private-access facility that is maintained around the clock by our world-class engineers.



It’s Our Commitment to Service. 


SchoolSites partners with your district and school to achieve planned objectives while setting sights on new ambitions. Starting on day one, you will receive one-on-one customer service with a personal account manager. Our flexible training options and robust online help and tooltips make SchoolSites the industry’s best option for users of all areas of expertise. It’s our total commitment to your success that builds lasting partnerships.